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Increasingly so, today’s aerospace and defense industry is under greater scrutiny and pressure to comply with regulatory controls, to protect its intellectual property,  better manage its complex and geographically dispersed supply chain and program management execution. With the impact of the recession, no one industry has been more impacted perhaps than the general aviation sector over the course of the last few years. In addition these sectors continue to be directly impacted by the changes in the federal budget and as a result, inherently big defense contractors are expected to eliminate jobs as the Pentagon has lowered its spending.

As this sector looks to grow organically and improve profitability, it is also experiencing a growth in M&A activity, mostly smaller deals by larger aerospace and defense firms to fill capability gaps. 

For 20 years, GarryMichael has assisted the Aerospace, General Aviation and Defense industries with highly skilled and specialized consulting services which assist this sector to ensure compliance, strengthen internal controls, and improve business performance. We work closely with your management team to help realize the goals of innovation through our close collaboration and seamless integration within the client environment.  

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