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Information Technology Risk Assessment

Today’s demanding and ever changing environment creates new challenges for entities of all shapes and sizes. As the business environment changes, whether your operations are impacted by attrition or growth, today’s environment reinforces the need for all entities to re-examine their approach to information technology risk. Often times, companies lack the skills and resources necessary to properly ensure all critical IT risks have been identified and are continually monitored.

GarryMichael’s Information Technology Risk Management Professional's can assist you to implement a sustainable risk management approach to IT risk utilizing a variety on industry specific risk approaches based on widely accepted methodologies such as COBIT, ITEL, etc. We can help you select the right approach and highly qualified subject matter experts will work closely with your organization throughout the process.

Our services include helping you to:

  • Implement and select an approach to IT Risk which is best aligned to your organization’s objectives, strategy and operations.
  • Identify critical IT Assets which may be physical, data and applications based. Identify Threats and Vulnerabilities that may be unique to your business.
  • Develop and execute the IT Risk assessment process. We can do this in a co-sourced fashion or a fully outsourced fashion.
  • Utilize software to assist in the identification of risks within the IT environment
  • Help you identify key controls of the internal controls that would mitigate the identified risks.
  • Develop an IT Risk Scoring system customized to your organization.
  • Report identified critical risks to Senior Management in a clear concise meaningful manner.

The goal of our assistance is to help you achieve improved decision-making abilities based on a clear understanding of inherent and residual risks. Critical risk reporting increases an organization's ability to anticipate potential IT issues.

As a result of this process, we also can work closely with you to help design an effective control environment to prevent possible control failures.

Contact our Information Technology Risk experts to learn how we can assist you.