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Cloud Computing Risk Services

Cloud computing is the next generation model for how software will be delivered to consumers. Cloud computing is the use of remote servers over the internet to store and process data. Cloud computing refers to any computer network or system through which personal information is transmitted, processed and stored, and over which individuals have little direct knowledge, involvement or control.

Rather than have their Information Technology resources managed, organizations plug into the "cloud" for infrastructure services, platform services or software services. Given the extent of the various Cloud offerings and cloud computing service providers, how do you best minimize your risk and make sense of the right service platform for you?

Whether you are thinking of transitioning to a Cloud Computing Platform, are already there, but you are still not comfortable from a risk management perspective, here are some important questions we can help you answer:

  • How does moving to a Cloud environment fit in with your company’s overall strategy?
  • What is the typical risk profile for using Cloud services and what is the mitigation strategy?
  • What are the different Cloud Platforms available and how can you determine which platform best benefits your environment?
  • What are the backups and legally mandated data archiving requirements?
  • What other regulatory requirements are in play when moving to a Cloud environment?
  • How are information security concerns surrounding data access, privacy and data breach mitigated?
  • Who at the Cloud provider will have access to your data? What controls does the provider have over your data and the people they employ that have access to your data?
  • How does the Cloud Provider ensure that its other customers cannot see your data?
  • What kind of encryption is in place and how is data managed and segregated?
  • If legal action is required because of unexpected illegal activity, can the provider support your company throughout a legal investigation?
  • How do you best mitigate concerns over data migration?
  • How are disaster recovery plans impacted?

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