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IT Policies and Procedures

Information Technology Policies and Standards are the blue print for the successful management of any IT organization. Maintaining robust operating policies and procedures helps management ensure the operational needs of its organization and processes are performed in a consistent manner throughout the entity. They help minimize risk and provide evidence of compliance with a variety of regulatory requirements.

Policies and procedures need not be complicated, convoluted or lengthy for any given process or functional area.

Our Information Technology audit professionals have worked with hundreds of IT organizations in developing simple, yet robust operating policies and procedures from inception and in a manner which makes sense for an organization. We also work closely in a co-sourced fashion and provide feedback surrounding existing IT policies and procedures to either strengthen them, simplify or both. Information Technology policies and standards include but not limited to:

  • Information Security
  • Access Control
  • Change Control
  • System Development Life Cycle
  • Business Continuity
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Vendor Management