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GarryMichael’s Real Estate practice professionals assist REITs and other real property developers manage risk and improve internal business processes. While the real estate market continues to be in flux and has been severely impacted by the global recession which has resulted in plunging property values and limited options in refinancing and obtaining capital, the real estate sector continues to seek ways to streamline internal operations and reduce costs.

For almost 20 years, we have provided a wide array of services to the real estate and capital project sector which have streamlined internal operations, produced hard savings, and have returned real dollars.

We provide our clients with highly expert, specialized knowledge. Beyond the technical finance, consulting and accounting skills required, we employ a number of engineers, attorneys, and procurement subject matter experts who understand the true complexities and intricacies of construction and real property development and management.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Construction Audit & Contract Reviews
  • Capital Project Risk Assessment
  • Fraud and Forensic Investigations
  • Internal Audits – Co Sourced
  • Internal Audits – Out Sourced
  • Recovery Audits
  • Information Technology Services
  • Finance & Accounting Excellence

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